31 de mar de 2010


Entrevista publicada no site World of Models, em 16/03/10.


Full name:Alex Fabiano Schultz de Arruda
Mother agency: Ford Models Brasil

Thanks Ed and hello World of Models family, pleasure to be here! I'm from São Paulo, Brazil and I believe that we live in this world to learn about the 'school of like'! The modeling career? Well, I started it some years ago when I was in a fashion mall. A scouter approached and asked me to do a photo shooting. I really enjoyed as new experience in my life. That would be a great opportunity to travel across the world and to make new friendships
When I work with the photographers, I appreciate their energies and the passion they express doing their jobs. Focus, determination and the feeling about what the client really want to see in the pics.

Catwalk experiences and Tom Ford´s controversial campaign
In just one question, you make it into ten!! lol I really like catwalks. it's one of my fav job ! I've been working with Calvin Klein , Emporio Armani , Giorgio Armani , D&G , Zegna , Versace , Gucci ..... In Brazil , almost all of them. Work with Tom Ford and the photographer Terry richardson was a great experience . There are lots of good professionals in this industry that respect with their work ! They are one of the best in the world and I was proud to be part of this team . And I had some crazy feedbacks about this job!

Alex by himself
A fashionista? No, actually i'm very basic: Jeans and t-shirt
Fans, Fame and Success: It's so good , kindda blessing ! Success is do what you like to do with a huge smile on the face ! I believe that all we are looking for is BALANCE !! The change is like a rule of life and we always need some balance to deal with
Anonymous in a crowd, all of a sudden, a fan approaches you and reveals to others that you are a very popular and famous model. Audience gets wild, how would you handle it? Been normal , to show to them we are just as we really are = Humans !
Human Rights, Freedom of speech, Wars and Sexual Behavior: All our history are made of those issues. The characters change, but the problems remain the same as we´ve faced in other moments of our history. We need Balance to find Peace
Dating X Love: Dating is love and love is dating
Sports: Crazy about Soccer and Motorcycle - NUTS !!
His way to atract someone´s attention: Looking into the eyes
Having fun, the places he goes enjoys the best of life: Friends , family around ... Doing what I love to do and always living the PRESENT moment !
The craziest thing he´s ever done in a summer time season: Inca Trail , 42 kms trecking around the mountains to reach Machu Picchu
Fav food: Cheese bread: best food in the entire World !!
Fav group and which music he listens in his IPOD: Radiohead
Fav undies for his daily activities and for those cooool sexy moments (LOL!): CK
Fav body part and why: Eyes , because the color of my eyes change a little bit as weather changes too
An unforgettable moment: New Year , with family and friends on the beach - "MaceiÓtimo"

Upcoming projects:
Studiyng TV and Cinema

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Agradecimento_Edward Carl-World Of Models.

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Renata Carvalho disse...

... Um dia ele ainda abre um centro de meditação, ou coisa assim. haha! =) Que inveja de pessoas relax! Sou um tantinho neurótica..

Beijão, Angel!

Claudia Militão disse...

Maceiotimo... foi tudo de bom... você devia ter vindo Angel.. seria muito bem vinda a nossa casa, nossa cidade rsrsrs

Ai que orgulho!!!


Nathy Passos disse...

ebaa entrevista, vou ler hahah

Angeeel quanto tempo!
então, vi sim a campanha da 2nd floor, ta no blog, só q o blog ta mega bagunçado com coisa do formspring e tal, vou tirar um dia pra colocar tudo em ordem la de novo saushasha
quais outros blogs c tem? vi um dia, acho q do Marlon, mas chegou a ir pra frente e tals?


Andreza disse...

Adorei a entrevista!
E o nome dele é tão legal. huashuahuahuas
Pq vc não faz uma entevista com ele, Angel? Seria legal. =)